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Exam Queries

Can I see my results?

Your results from previous academic years can be viewed in myBangor using the “Ratified Final Results” option. As you go through this academic year of study module component marks may be released into myBangor by Schools.

Where and when can I see Exam Timetables?

The Exam Timetable for Semester 1 is released at the beginning of November. The exam timetable for Semester 2 is released on 1st March and for the resits the Timetable is displayed on 1st August. It can be viewed at:

Where can I see Exam /Assessment notices and information?


What are my options if I fail my resits? (PJT)

Please refer to your original July letter about results and consult your School.

When and how do I submit my thesis/dissertation? (DMP)

Submission deadlines for taught Masters Degrees and Research Degrees vary depending on when you commenced your studies. As a general guide, most full-time Masters Students are required to submit their dissertation by the end of their period of registration and full-time research students have an additional 12 months from the end of their registration period by which to submit their thesis. Part-time students submission deadlines vary considerably therefore you should contact the Student Records Office if you are unsure of your deadline.

Before you can submit your thesis / dissertation you will be required to complete and submit a Dissertation Submission Form SD1 which is available to download at


How will I know what my tuition fees are?

See If you are still uncertain email

Can I register on-line if I have debts from previous years?

No, you will need to attend Registration to sort out your finances.Failure to do so can lead to formal termination of your studies. It is your responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place to pay any fees due prior to or at registration

If I am still being assessed for fees, can I still register on-line?

No. We will need to see you at Registration to ascertain the situation and assist you as appropriate

Who do I see if I have questions about fees?

If your query is regarding the amount of fees to be paid, see If you are still uncertain email If it is about payment, details are available at If you are still uncertain email

What do I do if I register on-line, but need to pay fees?

If you have a valid direct debit/recurring credit card authority you will receive details regarding payment from our Finance Office via e-mail once Registration has taken place and 10 days before the first due date. You will not normally be allowed to register if you have to pay your own fees and do not have a valid direct debit/recurring credit card authority. If this does happen contact regarding payment.

I am a self-financing student. Do I need to pay my fees before I can register on-line?

Self-financing students can only normally register on-line if they have provided a valid direct debit/recurring credit card authority. You could pay fees in advance but payment would need to be made as early as possible so that we can update our records to allow you to then register on-line. Payment details are available at if you are still uncertain email

How do I get my student loan?

Once you have registered we will notify the Student Loans Company. Payment will then be made directly to your bank/building society account. We will aim to time this procedure so that the money reaches your account by the start of term (1/10/07). The transfer of the payment takes 2 to 3 working days so if you delay registering this may affect the payment date. If you do not receive payment within these guidelines please contact Student Records either in person (1st floor Main Arts) by telephone (01248 383560/382019) or by e-mail

Please have your Local Education Authority/Student Finance/SLC paperwork to hand when contacting us.

How do I get my bursary?

Payment will be made to your bank/building society account in March.

If my fees are being paid by a sponsor (e.g. research council, employer, etc) can I register on-line?

Yes, provided that this information is recorded in our systems and that there is no other reason for us to require you to register in person


What is on-line registration?

This September sees the introduction of a new ‘pilot’ on-line student re-registration scheme. This is for administrative purposes and is not intended to be used for changing academic options (e.g. selecting or changing modules, etc). Please see the FAQ section on ‘COURSE QUERIES’ for guidance on academic matters. It is being introduced for certain existing students and is primarily focussed on simplifying the re-registration process for as many students as possible. It is also hoped that this will result in a reduction in queuing time for those students who still need/wish to re-register in person. This facility is OPTIONAL students may attend registration in person if they prefer.

Can all students register on-line?

You will receive an e-mail (sent to your university account by 16th September 2007) explaining if you are eligible to re-register on-line or will be required to re-register ‘in person’. Not all students can re-register on-line; exceptions include ALL new students (including incoming exchange students), some students on part-time courses, students who have not already made arrangements to pay their tuition or other fees and students who may not have satisfied other academic and/or administrative requirements. This latter group of students and any others who have not received confirmation of the arrangements will need to re-register in person in the usual way, please see: .If in doubt, please register in person.

If I am going away on a year abroad/year in industry in 2007/08, how will I register?

Normally your registration will be confirmed by your University School; however, it may be that as part of this ‘pilot’ scheme you will also be able to re-register on-line. Watch your e-mail for further information.

Can I register on-line if I have previously suspended my studies?

No, you will need to attend registration in person please see:

When can I register on-line?

On-line administrative re-registration is available from 17th until 16:45 on 28th September 2007. If you have not re-registered either on-line or in person by this deadline, then you may be liable for a ‘late registration’ fine, please see:

What do I do if I have technical problems registering on-line?

As technical problems can be caused by so many different things, it’s not possible to answer all technical queries regarding private computers and home network arrangements. You should try to use a university computer if possible. If you are in any doubt that you will be able to use the on-line facility, then please register in person as usual.

Can I register from home?

Yes, but if you experience technical problems we will be unable to assist, so please ensure you leave plenty of time to register in person if necessary.

Can I get someone else to register for me?

No, you must register yourself. You will need your Bangor user id and password to use the on-line facility. Remember you should never give your login credentials to anyone else. Please see

What happens if I fail to register on time?

You may be liable for a ‘late registration’ fine, please see:

If I fail to register on-line and in person, what do I do?

You need to go to the Student Records Office counter on the first floor of the Main Arts Building as soon as possible. Until you have registered you will be unable to get your next instalment of your student loan. University staff will be checking on the whereabouts of all students who fail to register and this takes much staff time and can lead to the cancellation of your registration. You may also be liable for a ‘late registration’ fine, please see: MAKE SURE you register! .

How can I prove I registered on-line?

You will receive a ‘successful re-registration’ e-mail within one working day (usually sooner) of completing the on-line system. Keep this e-mail as this confirms that you have re-registered. If you do not receive this e-mail; check the on-line system again to confirm your registration status.


What do I do if I can’t login?

This can be for several different reasons. It may be because you no longer have a valid computer account at the University. You can get help from the HelpDesk team by phoning 01248 38 8111 or 8111 if you are using an internal phone. Alternatively you can email with a description of your problem.

Who do I contact if I need more help?

You can get help from the HelpDesk team by phoning 01248 38 8111 or 8111 if you are using an internal phone. Alternatively you can email with a description of your problem.

How do I access myBangor?


Also see the myBangor - Users Guide


Can I change my course or my module choices on-line?

No all changes to module registrations MUST be made in your ‘Home’ School. Please go and see them as soon as possible. Remember many things like Blackboard access and personal timetables rely on you being registered on the correct Modules.
Changes of course MUST be discussed in the school(s) and if decided upon a change of degree form must be completed. The form can be found at:

Do I need to register for my modules on-line?

No! All module registrations and changes must be made in your ‘Home’ School.

What do I do if my module registrations are wrong?

See your ‘Home’ School as soon as possible to arrange for any errors to be corrected. If your module record is incorrect this will lead to problems

What is a transcript?

Undergraduate transcripts for courses followed after modularisation (1990/91 onwards for Science courses, 1994/5 onwards for Arts) will include the title of each individual module plus an overall percentage mark. Prior to this we are able to provide only general subject areas with an overall grade.

Taught postgraduate transcripts will normally include a list of modules taken plus marks/grades obtained. However, as this information will need to be obtained from individual teaching departments this will depend on what records have been retained.
All transcripts will provide confirmation of dates of registration and the qualification obtained.

How long does it take to get a transcript?

Requests for first degree transcripts will normally be processed within 21 days. Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Education and taught postgraduate transcripts may take longer as additional information needs to be obtained from teaching departments.

How do I get a transcript?

Please see

Do I have to pay for a transcript?

Your first transcript is provided free of charge when you complete your course. Should you need a replacement and/or additional copies, then a charge is made. The current charge can be found at:



What do I do if my personal data or contact information is incorrect?

Please amend address/telephone information on myBangor.Notify amendments to names or dates of birth to – you may be asked to provide documentary evidence to confirm name changes

How do I obtain a certificate of registration (for Council Tax, etc)?

Call at the Student Records Office (1st floor Main Arts, open 10-12.30 and 2-4, closed Wednesday morning) with appropriate identification (Bangor University Library card will normally be requested). E-mail to from your Bangor University student e-mail address. We cannot accept requests from other e-mail addresses due to Data Protection reasons.

What do I do if I haven’t got my id card?

Is it the library or SU who provides these???

Can I see my timetable on-line?

Yes. Please see: Your timetable will be subject to change at the start of the Semester so please keep checking for accurate versions.

How do I get a parking permit?

Registered students who are either resident in halls or who live outside the boundary of the City of Bangor are eligible to apply for a student parking permit. Each permit will generally be restricted to one designated car park, and for students living outside the city boundaries this will not necessarily be adjacent to the permit holder's place of study. The permits will be issued on 9th and 10th October in Powis Hall at a cost of £10 which is to be paid in cash. The issue of these permits is subject to the availability of space, and the issue of a permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available for the permit holder. If you are unable to attend on the 9th and 10th October you can apply in person at the Estates & Facilities Department which is located in the Ffriddoedd Building, Victoria Drive."

How do I get university accommodation?

Please see for all information regarding university accommodation.

If I haven’t yet provided when requested proof of my qualifications will I still be able to register?

No. You are required to provide official certification of your previous academic qualifications before you will be permitted to re-register for your studies. If you are a full-time student, you should bring your original certificates or official certified copies of your certificates to the Admissions/Student Records Office for verification. If you are a part-time student you can either bring your original certificates/official certified copies in for verification as above, or alternatively, you can arrange for your previous institution to send official certification of your qualifications directly to the Postgraduate Admissions Office by post.

I have lost my student card, how do I get a replacement?

Replacement cards can be obtained from the Library Desk at Adeilad Deiniol. The cost in 2007/08 is £10.00 - New photos will not be neccessary but you may take the opportunity to update your photo at no extra charge.

I have never received my student card, how do I get one

Student cards are generated automatically when you register at Bangor and are normally collected at registration. Uncollected cards are then sent to your 'Home' Library for collection. [See ] for a list of Library branches.

The expiry date on my card is wrong, what should I do?

Your card will still work if you are still registered as a student regardless of the date on the card. If you need the correct date on your card we will print a new one free of charge.

Can I collect a card on behalf of my friend?

Cards must be collected by the person named on the card.

Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my card?

Please see the key contacts list on the library website
or e-mail

My name is incorrect on my card, how do I change it?

Your preferred first name can be changed at Adeilad Deiniol. e.g. If you prefer Tom to Thomas. Other changes should be made through student records in the first instance, once the changes have been made a new card can be printed free of charge.

My card no longer swipes, what should I do?

Please call in to Adeilad Deiniol and ask at the Library desk. Your card will be checked and replaced if necessary.


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