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Our staff – Academic Staff

Name Room Phone Email Research
Bishop, Charles Michael Brambell Building, 4th Floor, Room E1 01248 382315 c.bishop Physiology and energetics of flight; migration; locomotion biology; behavioural physiology; morphometrics and allometry.
Braig, Henk Ronald Brambell Building 01248 382354 h.braig Endosymbionts, parasites, Demodex follicular mites, mite genomics, forensic acarology
Carvalho, Gary Robert ECW Building, 3rd floor, Room 303 01248 382100 g.r.carvalho Molecular ecology and evolutionary biology of aquatic animals. More details on the MEFGL website
Creer, Simon ECW Building, 3rd floor 01248 382302 s.creer Molecular Ecology; Evolution; Biodiversity; Metagenetics; Metagenomics; Environmental genomics; Microbial diversity. More details on the MEFGL website
Dunn, Christian Brambell Building, 4th Floor 01248 382098 c.dunn Teaching & Scholarship Lecturer
Fenner, Nathalie Brambell Building, Room 525 01248 382507 n.fenner Aquatic biogeochemistry; Climate change; Carbon stocks; Drinking water quality; Eutrophication; Lakes; Reservoirs; Wetlands; Isotope ratio mass spectrometry
Freeman, Christopher Head of School Brambell Building, 4th floor, Room 511 01248 382353 c.freeman Peatland enzymes; Biogeochemistry; Greenhouse gases; Dissolved organic carbon; Carbon stocks; Drinking water quality; Wetlands
Golyshin, Peter ECW Building, 2nd Floor, Room 202 01248 383629 p.golyshin Environmental microbiology; (meta)genomics; Microbial adaptation in extreme environments; Oil biodegradation
Hayward, Matthew Thoday Building, Room G2A 01248 383642 m.hayward Conservation ecology; predator-prey interactions; reintroduction biology; population dynamics; spatial ecology; intra-guild competition; ecosystem services. Visit the Conservation@Bangor website
Johnson, David Barrie Brambell Building, Ground Floor, Room 108 01248 382358 d.b.johnson Biomining; Bioremediation; Metal recovery & recycling; Microbiology (extremophiles); Mineral bio-processing
Jones, Katherine Memorial Building 01248 382601 bsse18 Predator-prey behaviour, variation in prey escape tactics, vigilance, foraging, behavioural syndromes
Malhotra, Anita ECW Building, 3rd floor, Room 306 01248 383735 a.malhotra Molecular evolution; Natural selection; Molecular ecology; Asian pitvipers; Honeybee genetics; Phylogenetics; Phospholipase A2 toxins
McDonald, James Memorial Building, Room F6 01248 383077 j.mcdonald Environmental microbiology; Microbial ecology; Microbial Ecology; Molecular biology; Genomics; Transcriptomics; Biotechnology
Mulley, John Frederick Brambell Building, 3rd floor, Room D15 01248 383492 j.mulley Vertebrate genomics; Development and Evolution
Pye, Marian Memorial Building, Room F15 01248 382746


Freshwater ecology; Cross-ecosystem subsidies; Ecological stoichiometry; Ecosystem services
Robinson, Rosanna Lesley Memorial Building 01248 383696 r.l.robinson Teaching & Scholarship Lecturer
Shirsat, Anil Harishchandra Memorial Building, Room F20 01248 382323 a.h.shirsat Plant molecular biology; Transgenic plants; Cell wall proteins; Plant biotechnology
Smith, Joanna Memorial Building, Room G13B 01248 382298 j.smith Teaching & Scholarship Lecturer
Thornham, Daniel Memorial Building, Room F25A 01248 388706 d.thornham Teaching & Scholarship Lecturer
Tomos, A Deri Thoday Building, Room G5 01248 382362 a.d.tomos Plant physiological stress; Plant-soil interactions; Water relations; Growth-biophysics; Phytochemistry
Turner, George Francis Memorial Building, Room G24 01248 382349 george.turner Speciation; Cichlid fish; Behaviour; Evolution; Adaptive radiation; Malawi; Tanzania
Webster, Simon George Brambell Building, Room D28 01248 382308 s.g.webster Crustacean-biology. More details on the Crustaecian Biology website
Whiteley, Nia Mererid Brambell Building, Room E26 01248 388080 n.m.whiteley Environmental physiology; growth and metabolism; thermal biology; climate change and ocean acidification
Wuster, Wolfgang ECW Building, 3rd floor, Room 307 01248 382301 w.wuster Herpetology; Snakes; Venom evolution; Toxinology; Systematics; Taxonomy; Biogeography; Phylogeography; Ecology

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