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Dr. Lucy Alice Hawkes

Postdoctoral Research Officer


Location: Brambell E30

Phone: 8813

My research interests are in understanding both the cost and drivers of vertebrate migration. My past work has focused on marine turtles from both West Africa and the USA, looking at how the environment is related to observed migratory patterns. I used satellite telemetry with remotely sensed environmental metrics to investigate the spatio-temporal patterns of marine turtle abundance, home ranges and migratory pathways. More recently, I am working with Dr Charles Bishop in the School of Biological Sciences to investigate the flight ecology and physiology of the Bar Headed Goose (Anser indicus), one of the world’s highest flying birds, as it migrates over the Himalayas twice yearly to winter and breed. In this work I have expanded my range of activities to include GPS tracking, accelerometry, heart rate logging and respirometry.

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