Welsh for Adults

Cwrs Wlpan (Entry Level)

What is an 'WLPAN' Course?

The word 'Wlpan' comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘studio'. It has been adopted as the name for the most successful intensive Welsh course for over thirty years. Classes are usually held for between three and five hours a week so as to enable students to master the basic Welsh as quickly as possible. All emphasis is on conversational Welsh. All the Wlpan courses cater for absolute beginners, but will progress at quite a rapid pace. By the end of the course, conscientious students can expect to be able to converse simply in Welsh. Follow-up courses will be offered to all groups to ensure continued progress.

It is possible to take the Use of Welsh Entry Examination during this course, if desired.


We also offer a very intensive Wlpan course at Bangor, five days a week for ten weeks from October to December.  By attending the follow-up Superpellach course for three days a week, you can get to GCSE standard by June.

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