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Lydia Richardson- MSc Psychological Research

Lydia Richardson, 21 is originally from Formby near Liverpool and is a Psychological Research Masters student in her 4th year at Bangor University.

MBA in Environmental Management - Interview with Charlie Wild

Environmental Management MBA student Charlie Wild tells us about the degree programme and what brought her to study at Bangor University.

Student Profile - Shanti Shanker from India, PhD in Psychology

Shanti came to Bangor to study a Master's degree, before progressing on to a PhD in Psychology. She is one of the University's International Student Ambassadors for India.

David Mizon, MSc in Marine Environmental Protection

David tells us why he chose to study at Bangor's School of Ocean Sciences and explains what his Master's degree course involves.

Zubaida Abdul Sattar from Pakistan - PhD in Nano-Laser Physics

Zubaida from Pakistan is one of Bangor's International Student Ambassadors. She is studying for a PhD at the School of Electronic Engineering.

Etone Damian from Cameroon - International Criminal and Human Rights Law

Etone Damian is studying at Bangor University's Law School. He tells us about his unique degree programme and how he's enjoying life in Bangor.

MBA Environmental Management - Interview with Rhodri Morgan s

Rhodri Morgan is a qualified solicitor who decided to return to education to study the MBA in Environmental Management at Bangor University. Rhodri tells us about the MBA programme and explains his decision to return to education.

Josil Murray- PhD in Forest Conservation

Josil Murray, 30, from Malaysia, is studying a PhD in Forest Conservation and is currently in his third year.

"It has a good reputation in the Forest sector and graduating from Bangor will definitely carry some weight."

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Rebecca Butler- PhD in English

Rebecca Butler, 27, from Ireland, is studying PhD in researching British women travellers and the Italian Risorgimento in the early-to-mid Victorian period.

"I originally chose to come to Bangor because I was offered a generous 125 scholarship grant by the university in conjunction with the AHRC. Although originally I wasn’t sure what to expect, the English department has exceeded my expectations. While a lot of my work depends on individual research, the School of English has excellent support structures in place to keep me motivated and integrated in the department."

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Owain Rice - MSc Conservation and Land Management

Following on from his BSc Enviromental Conservation degree, Owain, is currently studying towards his MSc in Conservation and Land Management.

"The best thing about my course is being in a group that has people from all parts of the globe, you get to hear their experiences and learn different things from them that you may not have got from your usual friends and fellow workers."

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Stephanie Fox - MA Arthurian Literature

Stephanie Fox, originally from Sheffield and now lives in Llandudno Junction is studying towards her MA degree in Arthurian Literature.

"I have learned so much about myself and have opened my horizons and I have learned to focus myself much more.

I feel the University looks after postgraduate students.   The faculty is always looking for ways to improve this area, and are open to suggestions from students."

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Ben Butler – MSc Environmental Chemistry

Studying for his MSc in Environmental Chemistry, Ben Butler from Guildford explains why Bangor is the right choice for his postgraduate studies.

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Adrian Luescher - PhD in Linguistics

image of adrianAdrian Luescher, 31, from Lupfig, Switzerland is currently in his second year of studying for a Phd in Linguistics at Bangor University.

"The University is surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other. You can go hiking during the day and be back in time for a BBQ at the beach.

"Getting out of the office on weekends and clambering around mountains means a lot to me."

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Tim WhittonTim Whitton - PhD in Marine Biology/Ecology

Tim Whitton from Tring in Hertfordshire has studied at Bangor as both an undergradate and postgraduate. He is currently studing for a PhD in the School of Ocean Sciences.

" The best thing about a PhD can also sometimes be the hardest. It is great to be able to direct and focus your own research along with your supervisors and is a really exciting thing to do. Of course that means there can be difficult and pressured times but that is all part of the process which makes it very rewarding."

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Lyle SkainsLyle Skains -PhD in Creative and Critical Writing

Lyle Skains, 30 years old, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA is in Bangor studying for a PhD at the School of Creative Studies and Media.

"The best thing for me is that I'm doing something I love, and would probably be doing anyway, but I'm also getting input from some incredibly bright, creative, and innovative people.  In the short time I've been here, my intellectual world has grown tenfold with new ideas and new avenues my creative work can travel."

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