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Peter Bellamy- MBA Management

Peter Bellamy is a Management Consultant working in New York. He took a year out of his job to study at Bangor.

Rhodri Morgan - MBA Environmental Management

Rhodri is a qualified solicitor who decided to embark on a new challenge by pursuing an MBA at Bangor.

Aida Chilumpha - Chartered Banker MBA

Aida from Malawi tells us what she's learned from her MBA and how she hopes to appy this knowledge in her future career.

Monica - Masters in Education

Monica from Colombia is studying a postgraduate course in Education.

Shanti Shanker - PhD in Psychology

Shanti came to Bangor to study a Master's degree, before progressing on to a PhD in Psychology. She is one of the University's International Student Ambassadors for India.

Helena Robinson - PhD in the role of nucleotide excision repair in providing resistance to the nucleoside analogues Gemcitabine and Cytarabine

Helena Robinson, is 28 years old and from Guernsey. She graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology at Edinburgh University before moving to Bangor to complete and MRes in engineering genetic tools to visualise postembryonic neural stem cells and their progeny during brain tumour development in Drosophila melanogaster.

"I really enjoy living in north Wales as I am a keen climber and fell runner. It is one of the few places in the UK where you can work doing interesting and important research and get out into the mountains after work."

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Katherine Betteridge - PhD in Composition

Katherine Betteridge,35 from Halifax in West Yorkshire came to Bangor University to study Music at undergraduate level. She then did a master’s degree and basically never left!  She's currently studying a PhD in Composition.

"Out of all the university’s I looked at, Bangor’s music department seemed to be the one that would really look after me – and they did! I can’t quite bring myself to leave!

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Image of ElizabethElizabeth McManus - MSc Neuroimaging

Elizabeth, 21 from Bolton graduated from the School of Psychology with a BSc Psychology with Neuropsychology degree in July 2015 and is the first ever recipient of the Bangor University ‘Women in Science’ bursary. She's now studying an MSc in Neuroimaging.

"I was first advised to consider Bangor University’s excellent Psychology department by my A level psychology teacher. When I began researching the area I absolutely fell in love with it and the department came across as very welcoming and hands on, as well as incredible at what they do."

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Image of BenBen Bowden-Pickstock - MSc in Psychological Research

Ben Bowden-Pickstock, 22 from Cambridge is studying for an MSc in Psychological Research, but also completed an undergraduate BSc in Psychology at Bangor too.

"I lived in halls on Ffriddoedd site in my freshers year. I got on with my flat so well that I’m now marrying the girl who lived in the bedroom next to me, although I’ve been told that this doesn’t always happen!"

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Rebecca Butler- PhD in English

Rebecca Butler, 27, from Ireland, is studying PhD in researching British women travellers and the Italian Risorgimento in the early-to-mid Victorian period.

"I originally chose to come to Bangor because I was offered a generous 125 scholarship grant by the university in conjunction with the AHRC. Although originally I wasn’t sure what to expect, the English department has exceeded my expectations. While a lot of my work depends on individual research, the School of English has excellent support structures in place to keep me motivated and integrated in the department."

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NebuCatherine Chen- MSc in Conservation and Land Management.

"I first found out about Bangor from an university study fair and I’ve chosen to study in Bangor as it’s very close to nature and being a very small town means that it’s not difficult to reach different places on foot within fifteen to twenty minutes."

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Ben Price- MSc Applied Sport Physiology

"I discovered Bangor on the Guardian league table for sport science and through my A level PE teachers, who told me that Bangor had a very good reputation for sport science. I decided to go to the open day at Bangor and I was blown away by the stunning scenery and how nice the peer guides were."

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Christina Les- PhD Modern Languages

"Bangor offered the course I wanted (MA Translation Studies), great scholarship opportunities (I was awarded an ATM scholarship) and the chance to study in a small, friendly department."

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Emma Dixon- MSc in Consumer Psychology with Business

"I chose to study here because of the great course, and department, as well as the environment."

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Kate Isherwood- MSc Consumer Psychology with Business

" I chose Bangor because on every league table I was looking at Bangor was near the top and I fell in love with the fact it was so small and safe place. I love the fact one day you could be up a mountain and the next on the beach."

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Louise Patricia Brown- Msc Psychology

"Bangor University is a place I’ve always loved to be ever since arriving here at my first open day! Notably, Bangor offers a beautiful landscape and a close knit town! I chose to study here because it was perfect for my situation."

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Oluwaseun Medayedupin- MSc Management and Finance

"I’m glad I came to Bangor University, with her scenic views, serene environment for studies and the best student support service, Bangor University is the best place to be."

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