Postgraduate Courses at Bangor University

Charlotte Jelleyman - MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology

Charlotte Jelleyman from Dorset is studying towards her MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology, concentrating on health physiology.

Why Bangor?

I went to Colyton Grammar School in Devon before heading straight to Bangor University to study an undergraduate degree in Sports Science with outdoor activities.

I visited Bangor on an open day and immediately fell in love with the friendly atmosphere and work hard, play hard philosophy promoted.

Bangor’s Sport Science department was top of the league tables and the scope for extracurricular development appeared greater than at many other institutions. In addition, the peer guide system and exemplary award for student support made the prospect of starting university much less daunting. In fact I wasn’t nervous at all about moving 300 miles from home and I settled in straight away.

Postgraduate study…

I chose to continue my education at Bangor and study a masters course in health physiology. My research was based on obesity and appetite and was part of a large scale, long term project that aims to find the most effective way of facilitating weight loss – an area that I intend to base my career on.

The research in the department, certainly at postgraduate level is extremely relevant to current issues, making it easier to see a route into future employment.

Student life

Being a small place, it is incredibly easy to make friends – you can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone you know! There’s an appeal of Bangor which tends to draw like-minded people to the area, which I think is a recipe for friends for life. It’s not a massive clubbing city, the nights out are smaller and more personal but by no means less fun!


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