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Fees & Finances

Take a look at our Postgraduate Student Finance pages for information on fees and funding your postgraduate studies.

Scholarships, Studentships & Bursaries

The University offers a wide range of scholarships, studentships and bursaries.

Funding, Scholarships & Bursaries

Take a look at the Postgraduate Scholarships, Studentships and Bursaries page for more details.

International students

If you are an International student then you should also consult the 'Your country' (and other) pages of or International Education Centre who act as the the focal point for international students across all courses, subject areas and levels of study at Bangor. Fees, funding and scholarship opportunities may vary depending on your nationality and home country.

Tuition fees & Payment methods

Tuition Fees

Details of the tuition fees across all programmes are available on the Tuition fees page of the Bangor University Academic Registry website.

Payment methods

A range of payment methods are available to you. There are a number of flexible payment options to help spread the cost of postgraduate study. It is not always necessary to pay the full fee at the point of registration.

There is no statutory funding available for postgraduate study, and the Student Loans Company does not provide loans to cover the payment of postgraduate tuition fees. However, financial support is often available in a variety of different formats and from a number of different sources.

Living Costs

In addition to fees, Bangor University estimates that students will require approximately £8,000 to cover living costs for a year (52 weeks). Accommodation is a major component of the above figures. Below are details of various accommodation options available to Bangor students:

University Accommodation for Postgraduate students

The rent at university-managed accommodation is between £4,009 and £5,368 (approximate figures) for a 51-week contract. The rent covers water, electricity, gas, internet access and basic contents insurance. Further details about University Managed Accommodation

Private Accommodation

The rent at private accommodation can range from £60 to £120 per week, depending on the accommodation. Normally, students are also expected to pay water, gas, electricity, internet and council tax bills in addition to the rent. Further details about private rented accommodation in Bangor.

There are several private halls of residence in Bangor. For information, please visit:

Funding your studies

Visit our Postgraduate Student Finance site...

To help you identify sources of funding which might be available to you should take a look at the 'Postgraduate Funding' page within the Student Finance part of our site which details funding opportunities such as those where a courses is funded, supported through an endowment, scholarship or bursary.

In addition the Postgraduate funding page in the Student Finance site provides a range of other opportunities that may be useful for you to investigate.

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