Postgraduate Courses at Bangor University

Studying as a Postgraduate

Transform your potential

There are many reasons why graduates decide to continue with their studies. Here are just some reasons why further study could be the right choice for you:

Enhance your employment prospects

Gain transferable skills that will benefit you in any future career. These might include, for example:

  • verbal, visual and written presentation skills
  • time and resource management skills
  • improved use of research, enterprise and initiative
  • increased confidence in your own ability

Pursue a specialism

A taught postgraduate course such as a Masters degree will enable you to acquire specialist knowledge and a thorough grounding in your chosen academic field, while a research degree such as a PhD will allow you to explore the field under your own terms, driven by your own questions under the guidance of experienced researchers.

Professional training

For some professions (for example Psychologist, Lawyer, Teacher), a professional postgraduate qualification is an absolute requirement without which you will be unable to practice in that particular field.

Continued Professional Development

If you are already working in a professional role, a postgraduate qualification can be taken to develop and reinforce your knowledge and skills in the area upon which your current role is focussed.

Change academic/career direction

Fancy making a life changing decision? If you feel that your current qualifications are not leading you into the right career for you, a postgraduate qualification can help to steer you back on course.

More information

More information about the benefits of studying at postgraduate level can be found on the Prospects website

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