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Business Studies with French BA (Hons)

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Course facts

  • UCAS code: N1R1
  • Bangor code: BA/BSFr
  • Course length: 3 years

Entry requirements

  • 260-300 points – all subjects accepted.
  • GCSE grade C in Mathematics or equivalent is essential.
  • The Welsh Baccalaureate Qualifiaction is accepted.
  • Irish Leaving Certificate: 310-335 CAO points.
  • Equivalent overseas qualifications.
  • IELTS 6.0 (international candidates).
  • We consider mature students on individual merit.
  • If you have relevant prior qualifications, you may be eligible for direct entry to year 2.

In French, German, Italian and Spanish, there are separate entry routes for students who have A-level or equivalent in the language subject and those who do not.

In addition to the single honours degree courses, it is also possible to study two subjects in equal proportions within one degree course. These are called joint honours degrees. You may study one subject at Bangor Business School and another subject at another Academic School.  It is also possible to study for a degree in which two-thirds of the study will be in the Bangor Business School subject and the remaining one-third in a subject from another School, or vice versa. Please see below for all of the combinations available.


These integrated courses allow you to combine a broad programme of study in Business and Finance related subjects with a language specialism.  

Accounting, Banking, Business Studies, Economics, Management or Marketing AND French, German, Italian or Spanish (50% business subject, 50% language)

These programmes are 4 years in duration as the third year is spent abroad. Further information about the language element of the degrees may be found in the Modern Languages section. See Joint Honours section for a full list of UCAS codes.

Business Studies, Management or Marketing WITH French, German, Italian or Spanish (67% business subject, 33% language)

Degrees that involve one-third language study and two-thirds at Bangor Business School are 3-year courses based entirely in Bangor.

Business Studies with French N1R1 BA/BSFr
Business Studies with German N1R2 BA/BSGer
Business Studies with Italian N1R3 BA/BSIt
Business Studies with Spanish N1R4 BA/BSSp
Management with a Modern Language N2R9 BA/MML (Specify French, German, Italian or Spanish)
Marketing with French N5R1 BA/MktFr
Marketing with German N5R2 BA/MktGer
Marketing with Italian N5R3 BA/MkItal
Marketing with Spanish N5R4 BA/MktSp

French, German or Spanish WITH Business Studies or Marketing (67% language, 33% business subject)

Degrees that involve two-thirds language study are 4-year programmes, with year 3 spent abroad. See the Modern Languages section for UCAS codes.


Economics or Management AND another subject (50% business subject, 50% other subject)

Economics and: History, Social Policy or Sociology
Management and: Welsh

See Joint Honours section for UCAS codes.

Another subject WITH Accounting and Finance or Business Studies (67% other subject, 33% business subject)

Law with: Accounting and Finance or Business Studies

See the Law section for further information and UCAS codes.

Career Prospects

Many Business School graduates pursue careers in areas such as accountancy, banking, investment, insurance, risk management, marketing, human resource management and retail management. Many Modern Language graduates have gone into teaching or translating, but just as many have embarked on successful careers in the civil service, business and commerce, industry and the media.

For more on studying degree courses see our Study at Bangor section.

You will spend up to 15 hours per week in lectures, seminars and tutorials. For Business School subjects there is a mixture of continuous assessment and written examinations. You will complete assignments such as collecting and analysing information from commercial databases or the internet, preparing business case studies, writing essays and completing problem-solving exercises. For Languages, you will do role-plays, video and textual analysis, aural transcriptions, oral presentations and precis and report writing.

What will I study?

Modules for the 2014–15 academic year:

Year 1 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1
Semester 2
40 credits from:

Year 2 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1
Semester 2

Optional Modules

30 credits from:

Year 3 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1
Semester 2

Optional Modules

20 credits from:
10 credits from:
  • Bangor Business School is a multidisciplinary School which employs specialists across a broad range of business subjects.
  • We have strong links with industry through partnerships with professional bodies such as the ACCA and CIM and we operate programmes that are designed to share knowledge between the university sector and outside businesses and other organisations.
  • The teaching facilities in the School of Modern Languages include five satellite TV systems and a high-class multimedia language centre.
  • Our staff are active researchers in their subject areas and we enjoy an international reputation and are ranked No.1 in the UK for Finance and Accounting research.
  • We have excellent computing facilities.
  • Bangor offers an attractive range of postgraduate degrees (MA and MSc) in business and finance subjects and in European Studies.

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Bangor Business School
Tel: 01248 382578/382277
E-mail: business@bangor.ac.uk

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