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Course facts

  • UCAS code: WPQ0
  • Bangor code: BA/CSt
  • Course length: 3 years

This innovative and unique degree allows you to pursue an interest in a variety of related subject areas such as Professional Writing, Film Studies, Theatre and Performance Studies, Journalism, Media, and New Media Studies. It aims to develop your critical and intellectual abilities as well as allowing you the opportunity to engage and explore many different areas of creative practice. This combination, a meeting of the critical and the creative, allows you to pursue interconnected themes and ideas within different creative and/or critical fields, or to follow through specific genre or creative practice interests, or to contrast and compare those areas across your degree programme.

Career Prospects

Our graduates work in the film, theatre, media and creative industries, in teaching, in arts development, in film programming, film making and scheduling, and in other fields where their ability to engage critically and creatively with a range of artistic disciplines is seen to be of considerable importance. Several graduates each year go on to develop their work further with us through a period of postgraduate study, where once again the School uniquely offers a combination of critical and creative approaches to the study of film and film practice.

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Practical modules will be assessed both on practical output and on the individual's ability to reflect critically on their practice. Other modules are assessed by exam and assignment and frequently also offer the opportunity to submit practical work as an element of assessment. As you progress through the degree, much of your study will be done in small teaching groups with an emphasis on learning both group work skills and the ability to carry a piece of work through yourself from initial concept to completion.

What will I study?

You can combine modules from any of the following subject areas run by the School of Creative Studies and Media:

  • Creative and Professional Writing
  • Film Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Media and Journalism
  • Theatre and Performance Studies

Modules you might take include:

Year 1

  • Creating Narratives
  • Digital Communication
  • Introduction to Media Studies
  • Moving Image
  • Creative Practice
  • Introduction to Theatre and Performance
  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Introduction to Screenwriting
  • Visual Culture 1 – Seeing the World
  • Photojournalism
  • Introduction to Media Practice
  • Development of the Moving Image
  • Media Culture
  • Theatre and Performance Intro

Year 2

  • Film Theory/Film Culture
  • History and Development of Journalism
  • Writing for Film and Television
  • Theatre and Performance: Society
  • Understanding Documentary
  • Games and Virtual Environments
  • Research and Practice
  • Topics in World Crime
  • Research and Methods
  • Cultural Economy of the Media
  • Practical Journalism: ELD
  • Storytelling: Theory and Craft
  • British Cinema
  • Media Practice: Factual
  • VC2: Reading the Visual
  • Developing Scripted Media

Year 3

  • Writing for Performance
  • E-Publishing
  • Adapting for Film and Media
  • Dissertation
  • Final Year Group Project
  • Visual Culture 3 - Race and Gender
  • Theatre Practice
  • America on Film
  • Practical Digital Journalism
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Short Film Pre-Production
  • British Cinema
  • Short Film Production
  • Advanced Games
  • Digital Journalism
  • Authorship
  • 21st Century Writing and Publishing

Modules for the 2014–15 academic year:

Programme Specification

  • The School of Creative Studies and Media is unique in its close integration of critical and theoretical approaches with hands-on creative practice. Students in the School have the opportunity at all levels to combine a study of their chosen field with practice-based outcomes such as writing, performance, and media/digital media production.
  • The School specialises in a number of key areas: Professional Writing and Journalism; Media and Digital Communication; Film Studies; Performance Studies; Creative and Media Practice. The School has research interests in all areas of Film Studies, with research programmes running in several key areas.
  • We have excellent links with theatre companies, newspapers and the television industry.
  • Many members of staff in the School are practising professionals and consultants.
  • The School has a fully-equipped media centre with editing suites, production studios, media and digital media equipment.
  • Bangor is the site for a range of Creative Industries conferences, video conferences and events. It is a regular site for visiting creative writers, film-makers, journalists, designers, dramatists, new media makers and more, and encourages students to engage widely with their creative interests beyond the realms of the formal coursework.

Entry requirements

We aim to interview all candidates.

  • 260-300 points
  • We consider mature students with non-standard qualifications.

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Please contact:

Dr Stephanie Marriott
School of Creative Studies and Media
Tel: 01248 388591 / 01248 383207

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