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Isamar Carrillo Masso - PhD in New Media


Isamar Carrillo; 28 from Venezuela is in her first year of a New Media PhD at SCSM, focusing on a corpus-based methodology for analysing video game discourse. Isamar's research is funded by one of Bangor University's prestigious Anniversary Research Scholarships .

"I love the atmosphere in the department. I never talk to any of the staff without feeling I have learned something valuable, and the general environment is one of general respect and mutual support."

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Amy Chambers - PhD studying the Planet of the Apes

Image of AmyAmy Chambers; 26 from North Yorkshire is currently in her third year of a PhD studying the Planet of the Apes series as history. 

"The PhD has given me the opportunity to continue my work into an area which captured my interest at undergrad and the school and my supervisor are really supportive. I hope to go out to the California in the next year to look at correspondence from the studio heads and writers involved in the Planet of the Apes series."

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Sonia Fizek - PhD in New MediaImage of Sonia Fisek

Sonia Fizek; 26 from Poland is in her third year of a New Media PhD at SCSM, focusing on character development in computer role playing games.

"The best thing about the course is that I'm doing what I really like – 100%. I’ve been pretty lucky – extremely helpful and professional supervisor, lecturers with a great sense of humor, interesting Uni profile and nice surroundings."

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Xavier Laurent - PhD in New Media

Image of Xavier Laurent

Xavier Laurent, 37, from France is currently in his second year of a part-time PhD in New Media.

"I'm interested in the idea of immortality within a digital world. Some of the current trends of research are based on developing a level of human intelligence in a simulated environment rather than on complementing the field of robotics. One idea is to find out how an Artificial Intelligence agent could pass different cognitive stages in a simulated 3D world with the help of human controlled avatars."

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Maggie Parke - PhD in Film and New Media Image of Maggie

Maggie Parke, 26, who's originally from Pennsylvania, USA, is currently in her third year of a PhD in Film and New Media.

"I actually read a series of books that take place in North Wales when I was about 8, I became fascinated with the myths and history of the area, did a semester abroad in Bangor during my undergraduate study and I absolutely loved it."

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