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Science without Borders

The Science without Borders scheme brought students from Brazil to study at the School of Electronic Engineering. Read what some of the Brazilian students had to say about studying at Bangor. More...

Jonathan Hedge

Bangor graduate designs power pack for third world countries

A Bangor University graduate has been working on designs for a power pack for Third World countries.

Jonathan Hedge, 21, from Sheffield, graduated with a BEng Computer Systems Engineering degree from the University’s School of Electronic Engineering. During his time at Bangor he created a battery pack in collaboration with the International Health Partners charity and the Mobile Power Solutions company.

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Ralph Maclumbe

Electronic Engineering degree for Ralph

Ralph Maclumbe from Zimbabwe has graduated with a BEng Electronic Engineering, First Class degree from Bangor University.

Thrilled with his degree, Ralph said: “My A levels didn’t go as well as I had hoped but after speaking to the School of Electronic Engineering at Bangor University it was agreed that I would be accepted on to the course. I applied to the School of Electronic Engineering because of its research ranking, 2nd in the UK and also the small class sizes, which were very important to me.

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Ji Wu

First-class degree for Ji

Ji Wu from China graduated with a first-class BEng Electronic Engineering degree this week.

Extremely happy to be graduating, Ji said: I came to Bangor on the Beijing Institute of Technology 2+2 programme. This meant that after a year of study in my home town in China I then came to Bangor to complete my degree. I struggled at the beginning with the language mainly and so my tutor Dr Iestyn Pierce suggested I retake the first year so I could really get to grips with the technical aspects of the course. I am so glad I took his advice as I learned so much, and now I have a first class degree and am going on to study for an MSc in London next year.

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Omar Al Shahab from Kuwait- Computer Systems Engineering

"Bangor is a really nice place to live and study because it is quite small and everyone knows who you are and is willing to help you with your studies.  All the lecturers are always happy to help me when ever I ask."

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Image of Gillian

Gillian Shield - BEng Electronic Engineering

My name is Gillian Shield from Newcastle upon Tyne and I graduated from Bangor University with a BEng in Electronic Engineering.

"I think the staff at Bangor go above and beyond their duties. They make you feel welcome and they always have time for a chat if you need one."

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MEng students enjoy study trip of a lifetime to Brazil

Paul Spencer and Sean Kiely spent nine weeks on a placement at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

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David Nicholas - Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering (MEng)

"Having graduated from Bangor I often look back on the university years as some of the best years of my life so far. Being a student you are encouraged to socialise with fellow students and join groups or teams of students with similar interests. I thoroughly enjoyed the student lifestyle of studying, playing and partying at Bangor, with various pubs and clubs and plenty of alternative activities provided a vibrant nightlife and seldom a day without an activity such as hiking, mountain climbing or simply chilling out."

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Hamad Allitan from Kuwait - BEng Electronic Engineering

"I came to Bangor as it was recommended by a friend, I checked the web site and the course offered just what I was looking for."

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imag of anoop menachery

Anoop Menachery is now studying for a PhD

Anoop Menachery came to Bangor in 2003 to pursue an MSc in Nanotechnology and Microfabrication.  He is now studying for a PhD.

"The last few years have been both intellectually stimulating and great fun.  Besides studying at a friendly University, Bangor and its surrounding areas has a lot to offer people who, like me love the outdoors."

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Yousuf Alkgot - BSc Electronic Engineering

"I chose Bangor for my degree because my cousin was already studying here and really liked the learning environment.

I work at the PAAET Institute in Showaikh, Kuwait as a teacher.  Currently I am teaching 13-15 year olds in the electronics department and after gaining my degree I hope to be able to teach older students up to 18 thus progressing my career. 

I have found the standard of teaching to be very high here at Bangor and I am enjoying my course very much

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Ashley Hall - BSc Music Technology

"The course offered by Bangor seemed very interesting and it is engaging and enjoyable.  I was impressed by the friendly staff at the Open Day and the amazing scenery surrounding Bangor really helped me make my decision to come here.

"I have always enjoyed designing things and then seeing them work, so this course was perfect for me as I am really into music and how it all works in the background."

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Rachel Johnston - BEng Electronic Engineering

"From a very young age I was always interested in the way things work, and never a stereotypical girl.  I chose Engineering as it was important to me that I got a job at the end of my course and a degree in Engineering will almost guarantee you job security for the rest of your working life."

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Andy Rosser - BEng Electronic Engineering

"I chose to study at Bangor University as it is my home town and for me as a mature student this seemed the simplest option.  I have already spent ten years working in industry but needed a greater understanding of the theory behind the subject in order to further my career. 

"The learning environment is very friendly at Bangor and staff are always willing to help you with any questions you may have, either in lab sessions or outside teaching time.  Their doors are always open."

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