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Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, MA, DPhil (Oxon), MèsL (Poitiers), DAA (Wales)

After two years teaching medieval and modern French at the University of Exeter, she joined the staff of the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 1981. At her retirement in March 2006 she was Head of Manuscripts and Visual Images.

An active member of AMARC (Association for Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections: ) and Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Welsh, University of Cardiff.

Research interests

• Medieval Welsh prose and Welsh Arthurian traditions
• Medieval translation and continental influences on the development of    Welsh literature
• The relationship and interaction of the written word and visual images
• Textual/manuscripts history

Some recent publications

‘Medieval manuscripts at the National Library of Wales,’ in William Marx (ed.), Sources, Exemplars, and Copy-Texts: Influence and Transmission (Trivium 31, Lampeter, 1999), 1-12.

Ed., with Ivor Davies, Darganfod Celf Cymru (Cardiff, 1999).

‘The “Querelle des Femmes”: a continuing tradition in Welsh women’s literature’, in Jocelyn Wogan Browne et al. (eds), Medieval Women: texts and contexts in late medieval Britain (Turnhout, 2000), 101-14.

‘Y Cyd-destun Ewropeaidd’, in Sioned Davies & Peter Wynn Thomas (eds), Canhwyll Marchogyon. Cyd-destunoli Peredur (Cardiff, 2000), 113-27.

‘Gender and violence in the Four Branches of the Mabinogi’, in Bernhard Maier & Stefan Zimmer (eds), 150 Jahre “Mabinogion” - Deutsch-Walisische Kulturbeziehungen (Tübingen, 2001), 67-77.

Edition of Welsh marginalia in the Merthyr Fragment (NLW MS 21972D), The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile. Research Edition. (CD, Leicester, 2001).

Ed., Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile. Standard Edition/Golygiad Safonol (CD, Leicester, 2003)

‘L’évolution du conte gallois au Moyen Âge: tradition celtique et tradition française’, in Regards étonnés. De l’expression à l’altérité ... à la construction de l’identité. Mélanges offerts au Professeur Gaël Milin (Brest, 2003), 213-25.

Ed., Arthurian Literature XXI: Celtic Arthurian Material (Cambridge, 2004); incl. chapter, ‘Narratives and non-narratives: aspects of Welsh Arthurian tradition’, 115-36.

‘Medieval Welsh tales or romances? Problems of genre and terminology’, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 47 (2004), 41-58.

‘The Book in fifteenth-century Wales’, Poetica 60 (2004), 1-10.

Ed., with Christine Kinsey, Imaging the Imagination. An Exploration of the relationship between the image and the word in the art of Wales (Llandysul, 2005); incl. chapter ‘A Dual Tradition’, 18-35.

‘Welsh Tradition in Calais: Elis Gruffydd and his biography of king Arthur’, in Norris J. Lacy (ed.), The Fortunes of King Arthur (Cambridge, 2005), 77-91.


Index of Images in English and Welsh Manuscripts, c. 1380-c. 1509, in the Index of Images series (general editor, Kathleen S. Scott, published by Harvey Miller/Brepols). This fascicle will cover English manuscripts in Welsh collections and all Welsh manuscripts of the period.

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