Giving to Bangor

Why I give to Bangor...

“I made a donation because I think the campaign is a wonderful idea...” Spring 2013 telethon caller...

“If you have a moment to reflect on your experience at Bangor and to help today’s students have as enriching a time as you did, then please join me in making a donation...” Jocelyn Ridley, donor to the Student Support fund...

The Bangor Fund

Your opportunity to make a difference

By making a gift to the Bangor Fund, you join other generous donors who demonstrate their support for Bangor University through regular, committed giving. Your gift – no matter what its size – really does make a difference!

Bangor University is committed to ensuring that its students benefit from an outstanding education, supported by excellent teaching, facilities and services. By pooling their support with that of other individuals, donors to the Bangor Fund help the University to achieve its aims. Gifts at all levels make a real difference to Bangor.

Who participates?

Bangor Fund donors include alumni, staff members and friends of Bangor University, who all place importance on the value of higher education. They support Bangor’s mission to provide talented young people from all backgrounds, regardless of geography or life circumstance, with the opportunity to benefit from a world-class education, supported by excellent facilities and services.

Unrestricted giving is crucial, as it gives Bangor University the flexibility to apply funding wherever the need is greatest, ensuring the maximum benefit to the campus community.

Bangor Fund donors can make their gifts either to an unrestricted fund, the Greatest Needs Fund, or designate their gifts within three broad categories:

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