School of Healthcare Sciences

The School Mission Statement

To engage with health care research, scholarship, teaching and learning that is of the highest possible standard, quality and value to service users, practitioners and stakeholders whilst maintaining language and cultural competence relevant to local, national and international partners.

Aims of the School

  • To promote a high quality of teaching and learning experience for both students and staff, whilst adopting the most appropriate teaching and learning methods that offers students choice, flexibility and inter-professional opportunities.
  • To prepare and support healthcare practitioners to engage with lifelong learning and reflective practice that will promote high standards in evidence based practice.
  • To work in partnership with service users, health care providers and agencies mainly in the local region of Wales, but also nationally and internationally on health care research, education and scholarship.
  • To engage with scholarship and research applied to health care policy and practice, in order to evaluate, develop and wherever possible improve professional practice.
  • To instill language and cultural competence in healthcare practitioners.
  • To embed language and cultural awareness in healthcare research and practice and respond sensitively to the language needs of Welsh speakers.


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