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Learning Disability Nursing

Historically people with learning disabilities have been undervalued and feared, thus segregated from society in large institutions. However, nowadays most people with a learning disability live in the community independently or with support. Clients have the opportunity to be a part of the community by developing their own interests.

The branch programme has been designed to educate nurses to recognise and value the persons individuality. The prime focus of care must be the client and his/her relationship with the carer and on interactions between them.

People with a learning disability will usually require some degree of support throughout their lives. Learning disability nurses may work in a variety of residential settings providing 24 hour support and care. In North Wales the options may include Residential Care, small community homes run by the Health Authorities, Social Services or private/voluntary sector. Learning disability nurses also work within Community Teams where they may act as advisors to individuals with a learning disability, families, carers and other service providers.

Learning disability branch students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. The course is designed with the view to generate positive attitudes towards people with a learning disability and producing professionals with the skills to meet the needs of individuals

Modules include:

Year 2 - (Level 2) modules include :

  • NLD2011 - Foundations in Learning Disability Nursing
  • NLD2012 - The Learning Process
  • NLD2013 - The Developing Learning Disability Practitioner

Year 3 - (Level 3) modules include :

  • NLD3014 - Meeting the Health Needs of Individuals
  • NLD3015 - Working with Individuals with Complex Needs
  • NLD3016 - Personal and Professional Development

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