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Important Visa Information

In order to enter the UK, students from most nationalities outside the European Union are required to obtain the necessary visas and entry clearance documents. Students who are classified as 'visa nationals' must obtain entry clearance as a student (a student visa) before travelling to the UK.

The UK Government is currently in the process of introducing a new and improved visa service for overseas students. The new system is called the “Points Based System.”

We would strongly advise you to find out as much as you possibly can about visa procedures in good time.

For further details on the latest developments with the Points Based System you can visit the UK Border Agency website.

You may want to download the latest guidance notes

You can also read the general guidance notes on the UKCISA website offering detailed information on what students need to know about UK immigration before leaving their home country.


Download the latest information available from the UK Border Agency

The following flyer was circulated by the British Council Hong Kong and UCAS recently and has some useful updated general information on the Points Based System and requirements. Please click here to download the flyer.

Visa Information for Nigerian Applicants

Please see this sheet for information.

Biometric data collection

Please note that changes in the UK Government’s immigration regulations mean that as part of the student visa application process, all visa applicants, irrespective of nationality, will now have to attend the British High Commission / Consulates / Embassies to have finger scans and a digital photograph taken. 

The scanning process takes approximately 5 minutes using an electronic scanner. Once your finger scans have been taken, you may be asked to remain for a brief interview or asked to leave. 

For further information please visit the UK Visas website.


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