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Agents in your country

Please use the interactive map below to find information relating to your country. Countries for which we have country specific information are marked in yellow on the map.

Alternatively you can choose your country from our list below:

Armenia Iran Russia
Azerbaijan Iraq Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Italy Singapore
Bangladesh Japan South Africa
Botswana Jordan South Korea
Brazil Kazakhstan Sri Lanka
Brunei Kenya Switzerland
Bulgaria Kuwait Syria
Canada Lebanon Taiwan
Cameroon Libya Tanzania
Cambodia Malaysia Thailand
Chile Mexico Turkey
China Nepal Uganda
Colombia New Zealand United Arab Emirates
Cyprus Nigeria USA
Ghana Oman Vietnam
Greece Pakistan Zimbabwe
Hong Kong Philippines  
India Qatar  
Indonesia Romania  


UK based international students...

If you’re a UK-based international student then you can contact us here in Bangor, and come and see us if you wish and speak with our Country Manager, and visit our academic schools, accommodation sites and so on.

Alternatively you may wish to speak with one of our UK based International Student Recruitment agent for your country then please take a look at our UK based recruitment agents listing.

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