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Bangor University and the area

Find out more about living and studying in Bangor. Click on the thumbnails to watch the videos.

Introduction to Bangor and the area

The city of Bangor is located on the North Wales coast, in the UK and is set in within a stunning landscape, surrounded by the mountains of Snowdonia and the Menai Strait.

Our video gives an introduction to the city, the surrounding area and what there is to do here.

Bangor University Teaching and Learning Facilities

Take a look at the teaching and learning facilities available at Bangor University.

Clubs and Societies

Bangor has over 150 clubs and societies on offer so there’s bound to be something to your taste. Membership to any club or society is now free... so there’s no reason not to join!

This video was created by SSP Media.

ELCOS at Bangor University

ELCOS at Bangor University offers high quality programmes and a rich learning experience in a caring environment.

The Snowdonia Mountains

Bangor is located in North Wales, between the mountains of Snowdonia and the sea. Watch our video to see the amazing landscape that surrounds Bangor.

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