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What is it?

DesktopAnywhere is a service allowing you to run certain applications from the University's suite at home, in study bedrooms, within labs, in fact anywhere you have a wireless, broadband or better network connection. Software doesn't have to be installed on your machine, it can be hosted on our servers where you can take advantage of our computing power and secured M drive storage.

What do I need to run it?

DesktopAnywhere will work on most Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8, Linux, Mac OSX, Android and iOS devices.

  • Computers running Windows will need Java installed Click here to download Java.
  • OSX computers will need both Java and X11 configured. Alternatively the HTML5 version of this service (as used by tablets).
  • The DesktopAnywhere service now also works seemlessly on Apple iPads and Android tablets..
  • For full details of supported clients see the Oracle documentation

Dependent on your status (staff / student) within the University and your Department the exact list of software available will vary. However all will have access to either a Staff or Student Managed Desktop which will give access to all standard software installed on managed computers on campus as well as M and U drives.This prevents the problem of having different versions of documents at home and at work, and also the risk of having sensitive work documents on your home computer.

If you have specialist software installed on your office computer, we can even arrange for you to access that from home, but it has to be left switched on. Contact the IT Service Desk for advice.

Using Desktop Anywhere with Chrome release 42 - 44

Chrome 42 - 44, which may installed on non University machines, will be getting an error when accessing DesktopAnywhere regarding blocked JAVA plugins. This version of Chrome now blocks JAVA and Silverlight plugins by default. To open DesktopAnywhere using this version of Chrome either use the HTML5 version or follow the instructions below to override the block.  After September 2015 this work around will no longer be supported by Chrome and you will either need to use an alternative browser or the HTML5 application.

  • Open Chrome
  • Copy " chrome://flags/#enable-npapi " and paste it into the browser search bar
  • Click on the link to Enable these plugins
  • Restart the browser.
  • JAVA and Silverlight plugins installed in Chrome will become available again.


Connect to DesktopAnywhere service

Connect to DesktopAnywhere using HTML5 - sessions appear within the browser window - only works in Google Chrome.

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