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Linguistics Circle Lecture Series 2014 - 2015

The Linguistics Circle is a research talk series that includes speakers from within and outside the university. The talks are open to all members of Bangor University and to the public in general.

Abstracts for the different talks can be seen by clicking on the respective titles.

All Welcome. 4:00pm on Wednesdays, Lecture Room 5, New Arts

(Unless stated otherwise)

Dr Alan Wallington

Semester 2

February 4

Prof. David Crystal (Bangor University) in MALT
2.00pm – The Fascinating First Year.
4.00pm – The Story of English in 100 words.

February 11

Dr Alison Johnson (University of Leeds)
Corpus Linguistics and Big Data: Researching language in historical trial records of the 18th and 19th century.

February 25

Dr Elizabeth Peterson (University of Helsinki)
Division of Labour: the functions of pragmatic borrowings from English in weak contact situations.

March 4

Dr Anouschka Foltz (Bangor University)
Listening to the Tune: Sentence-level prosody in acquisition.

March 18

Dr Marco Tamburelli (Bangor University)
Second Class Languages and the Illusion of Monolingualism in Europe.

April 15

Dr Cecile Barbet (Bangor University)
Logical or pragmatic? Investigating the inter-individual differences in scalar inferences processing.

April 22

Prof. Mauro Tosco (University of Turin)
Issues in the standardization of minority languages: challenges and pitfalls

April 29

Dr Robyn Orfitelli (University of Sheffield)
The emergence of the passive voice in language development.

May 27

Prof. Dan Everett (Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA)
Title: Nonrecursive, nonendocentric, and nonbinary structures in Amazonian languages: Counterexamples vs. exceptions

Venue: Alun A1.01

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