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  • Location: Conference Room, Yr Hen Goleg, Bangor University
  • Time: Monday 3 December 2012, 19:00
  • Presenter: Bangor University Transcending Thought
  • Contact: Keith Beasley on Ext 2490 or by emailing

December 2012


Evolutionary Consciousness

Bangor University Transcending Thought  -

Evolutionary Consciousness

Don MacGregor is a vicar in Fishguard, an ex-science teacher, and author of 'Blue Sky God: the Evolution of Science and Christianity'. He will talk about the concept of quantum consciousness, relating it to non-duality and the changes happening in human consciousness at this time. Many perceive that a new day is dawning and there will be time for questions and discussion around this theme, and some experiential work to engage heart and mind.

The Event is Open to All - For further details please contact Keith Beasley on Ext 2490 or by emailing

Supported by the Scientific and Medical Network

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