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Reo's role in supporting the University's research and enterprise straregies
Date: 8 June 2015, 11:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Terrace Conference Room 3
Presenter: Dr Garry Reid


To outline the services offered by the reorganised Research and Enterprise Office and how these are being developed to assist researchers and support the delivery of the University’s Strategies for Research Excellence, Impact and Business and Enterprise.


Following significant reorganisation associated with the Support Services Review, the Research and Enterprise Office aims to offer a support service focussed on the needs of researchers across all the University’s academic disciplines. Its remit covers a wide range of sponsors including Research Councils, EU Framework and Structural Funds, Health and Medicine, Charities, Government and Agencies and Business and Commercial partners.
The presentation will focus on

  • Structure, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Services offered and how to access them
  • Improving what we do – Business Improvement Work-Streams
  • New developments

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