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Dr Roger Yates - Publications

Yates, R, Powell, C & Beirne, P (2001) Horse Maiming in the English Countryside: Moral Panic, Human Deviance, and the Social Construction of Victimhood, Society and Animals, Vol 9 (1): 1-24.

Yates, R (2000) 'Welfare Woes and Political Problems, Arkangel, No. 23: 16-20.

Yates, R (1999) Animal Rights is not Animal Welfare, published by various British and international electronic mail networks as a media resource.

Yates, R (1999) Are the Animal Rights Militia Genuine?, Forum, Nottingham: Veggies Catering Campaign.

Yates, R (1999) 'A Strategic Audit for Animal Rights, Uncaged, the journal of Uncaged Campaigns (national anti-vivisection organisation), No. 21, March-May: 16-17.

Yates, R (1999) A few words about Falcons, 'animal rights vs animal welfare', Forum 3, Nottingham: Veggies Catering Campaign.

Yates, R (1986) Time for Change, Manchester: Federation of Local Animal Rights Groups.

Conference Papers

Forthcoming - (November 2001) Hearing and Seeing: Direct Action, Animal Rights and the Mass Media, The Federation of Deaf People, national annual general meeting, Nottingham.

(2000) with Chris Powell, Horse Maiming in the English Countryside, Research Colloquia, University of Wales, Bangor.

(2000) Knowledge Schlepping, Welsh Universities' Sociology Gathering, Gregynog.

(1997) Animal Welfare and Animal Rights, Animal Rights Coalition national conference, Witney, Oxfordshire.

(1997) Absolute and Relative Dismissal: Human Attitudes to Other Animals, Welsh Universities' Sociology Gathering, Gregynog.

(1980's) Contributions to the quarterly regional campaigning conferences of the Northern Animal Liberation League, Manchester.


(2001) Book review - 'The End of British Farming' by Andrew O'Hagan, Arcnews, June.

(2001) Book review - 'Defending Animal Rights' by Tom Regan, Arcnews, April.

(2001) Book review - 'Born To Be Wild' by Juliet Gellatley', Arcnews, April.

(2000) Consultant to the three-part BBC 2 animal rights/welfare television documentary 'Beastly Business' (Twenty-Twenty Vision).

(2000) Book review - 'Souls Like Ourselves' by Andrea & David Wiebers, Arcnews, September.

(1999) Guest editiorial - The Press and the Farming Issue, Arcnews, September.

(1999) Video review - 'Sad Eyes and Empty Lives' by the Captive Animals' Protection Society, Arcnews, September.

(1999) Book review - 'Slaughterhouse: The shocking story of greed, neglect and inhumane treatment inside the US meat industry' by Gail A. Eisnitz, Arcnews, July.

(1999) 'Ruddy Ducks - Animal Ethnic Cleansing', an assessment of the academic research presented to the Department of the Environment, Arcnews, May.

(1999) Book review - 'Buddhism and Animals' by Tony Page, Arcnews, March.

(1998) A Sociology of Compromise, unpublished MA dissertation on the animal protection movement as a 'new social movement', University of Wales, Bangor.

(1998) 'From agriculture to aggro-culture', guest lecture for MA and Ph.D pre-sessional students, ELCOS department, University of Wales, Bangor.

(1998- ) Sometime contributor to Animals' Agenda, international animal rights magazine.

(1997) with Alex Plows, Break the Rules: Breaking the Stereotype of the 'New Age Traveller', unpublished MA research project, University of Wales, Bangor.

(1985-6) Various articles on animal rights philosophy, social movement activism and social movement strategy published in SG, the publication of the Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group, London.

(1981-5) Contributing editor of Scream, the newsletter of the Merseyside Animal Rights Committee, Liverpool.

(1980's) Contributions to the publications of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Liberator), the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HOWL) and the Fur Action Group.

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