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Profile of Dr Farhaan Wali

Dr Farhaan Wali
Lecturer in Religious Studies
01248 383721
T23, Main Arts

Most of my academic career has been involved in Islamic Studies, but since 2010 I have developed wider interests in the Study of Religion. My work has always involved combining key theoretical approaches to the study of religion with empirical research. I have spent several years in the field, carrying out my research both in Britain and abroad. After spending several years interacting with Islamic radicals, I was able to interpret their social world, giving me an insight into how they became radicalized. For this reason, radical Islam was the lynchpin of my research interest during my early career, and I subsequently completed my doctorate at Royal Holloway (University of London) in this area. In 2006, I developed a research project on religious institutions in the East End of London in collaboration with the Royal Historian Society. Since then I have been involved in a number of cross-cultural research projects in the private and public sector related to counter-terrorism and radical Islam.

Regarding my teaching, I have spent several years developing an extensive teaching portfolio in religious studies. In 2009, I was appointed as a lecturer in the Study of Islam and Muslims at Aberdeen University, where I designed a range of modules to overview — through theological, historical and philosophical analysis — how the Islamic tradition has evolved and the challenges it faces in the modern world. In the School of Philosophy and Religion at Bangor University, I teach a wide spectrum of BA modules that examine different dimensions of religion: how they are formed, what they mean, and how they are reformulated in the modern age. Therefore, as a specialist in Religious Studies, my teaching and research intersects across a wide-range of diverse religious boundaries. 

Modules taught

  • Introduction to Islam
  • Themes in Eastern Religion and Philosophy
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Fundamentalism
  • Islamic Philosophy
  • Comparative Philosophy: Eastern and Western
  • Introduction to Philosophy and Religion


Wali, Farhaan (2013). Radicalism Unveiled(Ashgate Publishing Limited, The Religion and International Security series, UK)


Wali, Farhaan (in progress). Leaving Islamism

Wali, Farhaan (in progress). Segregated Britain


Journal Articles

  • Wali, Farhaan (2007a). ‘Rebuilding Post-Conflict Religious Communities in Bosnia’ (
  • Wali, Farhaan (2008a). The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Britain (
  • Wali, Farhaan (2008b). ‘New Approaches to Radicalisation and the Muslim Community’ (
  • Wali, Farhaan. (2011) ‘Post-Radicalisation Identity: Understanding 'Collective Identity' within Radical Islamist Groups’ (Journal of Social and Psychological Sciences, Vol. 4, No. 1). 
  • Wali, Farhaan (2013). ‘Constructing an Oral History of Post-Conflict Identity in Bosnia’ (Oral History Forum d'histoire orale), Special Issue: Confronting Mass Atrocities, Vol. 33.
  • Wali, Farhaan (in progress). ‘Transforming Islamic fundamentalism into political ideology’ (Journal of Totalitarian Movements and Political Ideology).
  • Wali, Farhaan (in progress). ‘Islamic Deism: Redefining Mans relationship with Allah’ (Journal of Islamic Philosophy)
  • Wali, Farhaan (in progress). ‘Synthesising the One true reality: Brahman and Allah’ (International Journal of Philosophy of Religion)

Research Interests

Islamic Radicalisation:

  • Root causes and antecedents;
  • Muslim middle class radicalisation
  • Muslim youth radicalisation in Britain
  • De-radicalisation (theory and practice)
  • Virtual Radicalisation (the use of virtual media and the internet)
  • Jihadism (evolution and history)
  • Conveyor belt terrorism (non-direct terror groups)

Segregation and Muslim identity:

  • Case study of segregation in England, Wales and Scotland (four year research project)
  • British Muslim identity and communitySelf-segregation theory

Islam and the Modern Age:

  • Islam and Secularisation
  • Islam and Democracy
  • Islam and Violence

Islamic Philosophy

  • Islamic Deism: conceptualising divinity in Islam
  • Deconstructing Kalam (Islamic Dialectical Theology): Knowledge, Reality and Divinity
  • Philosophical idealism in Islam
  • Greek philosophical influence: Relativism, Scepticism and Causality

Roles in the School and University

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Exams officer
  • Admissions Officer
  • Teaching and Learning Representative
  • Employability Officer
  • Disabilities and Additional Needs Representative


I would be interested in supervising research students on topics related to Radicalisation and Terrorism, Islam in Britain, Political Islam and Democracy, Islamic Theology and Philosophy, Sociology of Religion (e.g. secularisation theory, religious violence, cults and new age religions), Faith Communities and Religious Identity, Islam and the West, Identity Politics and Multiculturalism, Female Activism, Eastern Religions (e.g. Hinduism and Sikhism) and Comparative Philosophy.  


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