Studying at Bangor

Mature Students

Here at Bangor we appreciate that as a Mature Student you are slightly different from a student who arrives here straight from school after completing A-level studies.

We understand that you may have other commitments and responsibilities and that your academic and social approach to university may vary. We appreciate that you have had more life experience and that your path to higher education may have been very different. It is for these reasons that we acknowledge the fact that your needs, concerns and questions about starting university are unique.

We hope that these pages will be a guide for you before you start at Bangor and will also be useful for you during your time here as a student.

Use the menu on the left to find out more about the support and facilities we have available for Mature Students.

Mature Students Adviser

At Bangor, we have a dedicated Mature Students' Adviser to help you with any concerns you have. To get in touch, please contact Wendy Williams on 01248 383637 or email


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