University Management and Governance

The University is incorporated by a Royal Charter, first granted in 1885, and subsequently re-written and revised on several occasions. The Charter (and supporting Statutes and Ordinances) provide a broad framework for the legal structure and governance of the University.

The Council

Under the Charter and Statutes, the Council is the governing body of the University. It currently has around 30 members, the majority of which are lay members. The current Chair of Council is Marian Wyn Jones.

Lay Members of Council

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Ex-Officio members of the Council

Appointed by Senate:

Appointed by Academic Staff:

  • Dr Lorrie Murphy

Appointed by Support Staff 

  • Mr Tudur Williams

University Secretary

  • Dr Kevin Mundy

The role of the Council

The principal role of the Council is to set the general strategy, policy and direction of the University. There is a clear boundary between ‘governance’ and ‘management’ and members of Council will not be involved in day-to-day executive management. Its role is set out in an agreed Statement of Primary Responsibilites. Information on Council sub-committees and on the conduct of Council business is available in the Guide for Members of the Council.

The Council has a small number of sub-committees to assist members to discharge their functions as governors.

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Bilingualism Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Nominations & Governance Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Finance & Resources Committee

Further information about governance is contained in the Council Guide for members. Individuals who are interested in being considered for membership of the Council should contact the Secretary, Dr Kevin Mundy, Planning & Governance Office. Council membership carries no remuneration, but the University pays reasonable travel and related expenses.

The Court

The Court is a much larger body, including representatives of local authorities, members of parliament and other professions, and it provides a forum in which members of the community can interact with the University. The Chancellor of the University, George Meyrick, chairs an annual meeting of the Court.

The Executive

The Executive is the University’s senior management group, and is responsible for the overall management and administration of the University.

The Interim Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Upton, is the head and chief officer of the University. He Chairs the University Executive which comprises:

Role Name Link
4 Pro Vice-Chancellors:
Welsh Medium & Civic Engagement Professor Jerry Hunter
Research and Impact Professor David Thomas
Students Professor Carol Tully
Teaching & Learning Professor Oliver Turnbull
3 Deans of Colleges:
Human Sciences Professor Nichola Callow College of Human Sciences
Arts, Humanities and Business Professor Andrew Edwards College of Arts, Humanities and Business
Environmental Sciences and Engineering Professor Paul Spencer College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Director of Finance Mr Mike Davies Finance Office
Director of Human Resources Mrs Tracy Hibbert Human Resources
Director of Planning & Governance Dr Kevin Mundy (Secretary to the Executive) Planning & Resources Office
Executive Director of Development Ms Sheila O’Neal Development and Alumni Relations