What is DSA?

What is the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)?

The allowance can be used to provide the necessary, extra support that students with disabilities need. Its aim is to provide funding for items that will help level the playing field.

Click on the link: Ask Student Finance about Disabled Students' Allowances

What can be provided?

The DSA is there to provide funding to cover the extra costs that arise as a result of your HE course, and as a direct consequence of your disability. The DSA can provide human support, equipment, and help towards other general disability-related costs, and travelling. It cannot fund: disability-related costs that you would have whether you were a student or not, and study costs that every student might have.

Who can apply for the DSA?

In general, any Higher Education student who has a disability can apply (including those with Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia).

Where do I start?

Please see the Application Procedure section for full information. In the first instance your funding body need to be informed of you intention to apply for the DSA, for Bangor University students you can contact the Disability Services (disabilityservice@bangor.ac.uk).