'How to guides' for different software/hardware (downloads)

TextHelp Read and Write - Providing the ultimate support tool for dyslexic students and adults, Read and Write offers users speech feedback and word prediction for practically any Windows program - for example, your word processor, spreadsheet, DTP, encyclopaedia, web page, Help file or an educational program. Read and Write has been specifically designed for users with dyslexia and provides many tools to help access and compose written material. Features include high-quality speech feedback, phonetic spell checker, word prediction, dictionary and talking calculator.

TextHelp Read and Write Gold Version 11 & Version 11.5 - Read and Write Gold provides the most complete support tool for dyslexic students and adults. Its discrete toolbar offers users speech feedback, spell checking and word prediction for practically any Windows program, e.g., word processing, spreadsheets, DTP, encyclopaedia, web pages, help files or educational programs – while the Fact Folder, integrated scanning, talking dictionary and Word Wizard provide support for a wide range of tasks. Texthelp Read & Write Gold has been specifically designed for users with dyslexia and provides many tools to help access and compose written material.

Dragon Naturally Speaking & Version 7 - Speech Recognition software provides people with dyslexia and other disabilities the freedom to write and control their computer with their voice. With perfect spelling and audio feedback it enables the user to get their thoughts down quickly and easily enables professional, correctly spelt documents. Email, documents and spreadsheets can be created three times faster than most people type with exceptional accuracy - simply by speaking. Most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute. Speech recognition software is ideal for those with mobility problems such as dyspraxia or RSI as voice controls can be used to move around the computer.

Inspiration & Version 9 - This powerful visual mapping tool inspires users to develop their ideas, while planning and structuring workflow. Interactive diagrams, charts and reports help organise and prioritise concepts and information. Use it in the classroom, at home or in the work place for making notes, understanding concepts and drafting essays, reports or presentations. Creating and modifying concept maps, webs, idea maps and other graphic organisers is made easy, with an intuitive interface that focuses on the creation and delivery of work, not the organisational structure behind it. In the powerful Outline view, users see their ideas in list format, so they can quickly prioritise and rearrange ideas.

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Readable - Reading from a computer screen, with its multitude of colours and fonts, can be difficult for those people with colour sensitivity and dyslexia - web pages come in all colours and font sizes while reading long text documents or e-mails can be tiring and painful. ReadAble changes Windows colours, including the Window background colour, default text colour, the menu background and text colour and the toolbars. You can also set the font size and style in menus, Windows Explorer or web pages. Use ReadAble to instantly manage the colour and font settings of your desktop and Windows applications through one easy-to-use window by clicking on the ReadAble icon in the system tray.

Audio Notetaker - Audio voice recordings are a really useful tool to support note-taking in lectures, interviews and meetings, but re-listening and deciphering long digital recordings afterwards is a difficult task. Audio Notetaker is a new and unique software package to help with navigating, annotating and organising digital recordings. With Audio Notetaker you can see a visual representation of what you are listening to! And you have the tools at your fingertips to quickly review, identify and reference key sections of speech to support your research and editorial work. There are so many opportunities to use the Audio Notetaker; to help you develop content for coursework, for revision, to transcribe recordings, to keep a record of important meetings, or to compile reports. The aim of the Audio Notetaker software is to introduce new techniques to make voice recordings far more accessible and, by doing so, enormously more productive.

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Quick guide in using a DVR (digital voice recorder) - DM-450 or DM-670