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Because of Bangor

Do you feel that you wouldn’t be where you are today without your time at Bangor? Do you have a particular memory of a location or event at the University that has always stuck with you? Did you make friends for life, establish traditions or meet your future partner here? We’d like you to share your stories!

Help us demonstrate why our former students are proud to be Bangor alumni by contributing to a collection of stories from our alumni through the decades.

So, what do you think makes Bangor University special?

“I learned about life, love and literature all at the same time”

Read why Bangor has a special place in the hearts of some of our alumni here.

“RIP Benny Diceymus”

Alumni tell us about the traditions they kept at Bangor. Did you follow any of these during your time?

“Indelible memories”

Share with us the one classic photograph that sums up your time in Bangor.

If you would like to contribute and tell us why Bangor is close to your heart, send your story to us at: along with your contact details, the course you studied and your year of graduation. Send us a photo of yourself too so it can be included in our gallery of alumni quotes and stories.