‘Charley Bach’ – Gwyn Llewelyn in conversation with Charles Duff

Sunday 10 June 2018, 14:30

‘Charley Bach’

Gwyn Llewelyn in conversation with Charles Duff


Charles Duff grew up in many worlds at once. Like an enfi lade, one led into another, but each was distinct and self-contained.


At his family's country house, 'Vaynol', Royalty mingled with eccentric relations and glamorous socialites, supported by a colourful ensemble cast of cooks, nannies and butlers. In London, Charley met his father's boyfriends and his mother's lesbian lovers, as well as leading artists, musicians and directors. Through the theatre, he discovered his vocation in academia and teaching.


But these worlds did not co-exist in harmony.  As the estate faced ruin and his parents' marriage fell apart, Charley's relationship with his family festered. He was known to be adopted, and speculation about his identity fanned rumours that many still believe today.


Charles Duff’s newly-published, exquisitely vivid memoir Charley’s Woods draws a detailed and unidealised picture of the ascinating spheres he has inhabited. But more than anything, it is the moving account of the personal and spiritual development of an adopted son: a touching meditation on class, culture and the search for a sense of belonging. 


Leading the conversation will be one of Wales' best known broadcasters Gwyn Llewelyn, with a Q&A to follow.


Age: 16+


Sunday 10 June