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Adra - Cymdeithas John Gwilym Jones

Stiwdio, Pontio
Friday 29 November 2019, 19:00–20:00

A raw drama, but full of humour, about a group of people who come together follwing the harrowing death of their friend. On a wet afternoon after the funeral they come together to remember, grieve and laugh. But an individual is never perceived the same way by everyone, and they soon come to realise that. As evening comes, they all ask the same impossible question – why?

Grief is hard, and so is guilt, and even harder when amongst strangers. Everyone has their faction – the ones who left, the ones who stayed, the city dwellers and the country dwellers, and in the midst of all the memories tensions rise as the whisky bottle empties.

A drama that looks at the cracks between the truth and the lies, between staying or leaving, between sickness and health, as different worlds collide.

Do people really know each other?