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December 2017


Culhwch ac Olwen

Theatr Bryn Terfel, Pontio
Tuesday 12 December 2017, 10:00–12:45

Cwmni Mega presents the pantomime

Culhwch ac Olwen

by Huw Garmon
Theatr Bryn Terfel
Monday 11 (12.45pm), Tuesday 12 (10am + 12.45pm) & Wednesday 13 (10am + 12.45pm) December, 2017
£10 standard, £8 over 60s, under 18s & students

The story of "Twrch Trwyth" is famous in Wales. This is the largest hog in the whole world which came to Wales many centuries ago and caused chaos. Legend has it that the hog was a prince who had a spell cast on him, so don't be surprised if the Twrch Trwyth in our show is full of magic!

Listen to the story of Culhwch, the best hunter in the world, and Olwen, the girl whose beauty caused flowers to grow everywhere she walked. But, as in every good story, there are characters to scare you –Ysbaddaden Bencawr, the fierce ogre and Cas, the wicked witch.

Will Culhwch succeed in catching the Twrch Trwyth? Will Culhwch and Olwen fall in love? Or will Cas spoil everyone's fun? And what about Ysbaddaden Bencawr? There may be a way of conquering him after all!

Cwmni Mega continues with the tradition of live music, professional dancers and a cast of eager actors to entertain the audience and introduce a chunk of Welsh culture at the same time!