Integrated Marketing Communications

13th, 20th & 27th September 2018

Bangor University
Thursday 13 September 2018 – Thursday 27 September 2018
North Wales Business Academy
North Wales Business Academy
01248 382475

This module examines the process by which an integrated marketing communications programme is planned, developed and executed. 

The development of an integrated marketing communications plan requires an understanding of the overall marketing process, how companies organise for advertising and other promotional functions, buyer behaviour, communication's theory and how to set goals, objectives and budgets.  Participants will work on a targeted work-related task that examines and gains understanding of their organisations corporate preferred future direction, environment and circumstances, in which these activities take place.  This will include the various regulatory, social and economic factors that affect the organisations integrated marketing communications programme. Participants work on the creation of a strategy and plan to maximise the potential opportunities and challenges of their work place.