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Studio, Pontio
Wednesday 8 November 2017, 13:30–15:00

Frân Wen

Wednesday 8 November, 1.30pm

This new Welsh language drama from Manon Steffan Ros is a brutally honest and humorous account of the notoriety and loneliness of being a teenager living with cancer.

"It was going to be epic. I was just a normal 18 year old. "A-level stress was but a brief blur. Ready for a wine filled summer before I started nursing degree.
Then bang! No duty free, a piss-up and a sun tan for me.
"The toughest and shi**iest year of my life. "

Instead of a hell-raising, wine-filled summer with the girls, 18 year old Mwgsi enters a world of chemo, illness and the loneliness of a strange, tragic creature.

Mwgsi is based on the candid blog by 18 years old Megan Davies (, who recorded her experiences of teenage life with cancer.

The tension between Mwgsi, her friends, her family and herself offers a piece of theatre full of dark humour that will force us to confront our own uncertain futures.

Cast: Mirain Flur and Catrin Mara
Director: Iola Ynyr
Authur: Manon Steffan Ros

Age: 14+
This is a Welsh language production