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Programming in R

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Wednesday 1 November 2017, 09:00–16:30
Doctoral School
Doctoral School
01248 382357

This is a one day intensive course on R. The course will be a mixture of lectures and computer practicals. The main focus of the course is R programming techniques, such as functions, for loops and conditional expressions. The course follows on from the Introduction to R course. It is assumed that all students have attended this course (or have equivalent skills). This course is suitable to a wide range of applicants.

Course outline:   

Vector operations: details of R's vectors operations.    

Conditionals: using "if" and "else" statements in R.   

Functions: what is function is, how are they used, and how can we construct our own functions.    

Looping in R: an introduction to the concept of looping in R. In particular "for" and "while" loops.    

The apply functions: apply, tapply and other members of the apply family.

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