The David Crystal Day

Main Arts Lecture Theatre, Bangor University
Wednesday 13 February 2019, 15:00–16:00
School of Languages Literatures and Linguistics
Dr Marco Tamburelli

David Crystal is the foremost writer and lecturer on the English language, with a worldwide reputation and over 100 books to his name, including The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language. He is an Honorary Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University, and in 1995 was awarded the OBE for services to the English language. David Crystal has been a consultant, contributor, or presenter on numerous radio and television programmes and series, predominantly for the BBC and Discovery Channel.

Language BLANK Literature

In his talk, David will discuss how the study of language and the study of literature have long been separated and are often treated as if they were antagonistic domains, both in mother-tongue and in foreign-language teaching. He will argue for the integration of the two domains, focusing on the notion of linguistic creativity which underlies both, and provide performance illustrations from several literary genres.

A Q&A will follow, in which participants can pose questions on any aspect of language.

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