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The Perfect Module

Wheldon Seminar Room
Wednesday 18 October 2017, 14:30–16:00

Module design is vital to teaching in higher education, but often underappreciated. It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of delivering sessions, tweaking assessments and modifying learning outcomes that makes it feel as though the vision behind a module is of only secondary importance. But for many of us, our own modules always have special value: they are the way we capture students’ attention, introduce them to the subjects we love, and help them develop into graduates.

We often assume that the most important part of a module is the content. But do our students really choose their options entirely for the subject matter, or is there more to designing an attractive module? For that matter, who gets to decide when we have designed the perfect module? Which criteria should we be using? And how can we better articulate our strengths and develop our modules to move them closer to our own ideals?
This session will consider module design from an aspirational standpoint. It will encourage participants to consider the various groups with a stake in module design, and articulate how they might define a successful (even ‘perfect’) module. These definitions may not always align precisely with one another, and the places where different groups are aiming at different targets are often the sore spots in module development. We will then consider whether and how we can predict potential mismatches, and how we can mitigate them to everyone’s benefit.

Whether you are designing a module for the first time or want to enhance established ones, we hope you will come and join the discussion!

The session will be led by Dr Izzy Winder, a member of the CELT team.

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