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Wales in the world: What would a globally responsible Wales look like?

Reichel Hall, Bangor University
Tuesday 12 November 2019, 18:00–20:00

Have you had enough of narrow-mindedness?

Would you like to make a difference beyond our boundaries?

Who would like an evening of discussion around topics starting with a letter other than ‘B’?

WCIA Event Poster

This our opportunity to chat about:

  • A globally responsible Wales – how can we achieve this?
  • Who’s who, and who’s doing what?
  • How can we be more ‘globally responsible’ in our day jobs?
  • How can we add value to each others’ work?
  • Does it matter anyway? Don’t we have enough on our plate at home?

Come to enjoy a night organised by WICA, Bangor University’s Sustainability Lab, RCE-Cymru and UNA-Menai