Hannah Corbett

Linguistics and Creative Writing, 2013

Though originally from Staffordshire, Hannah already had a long-rooted affinity with North Wales, having spent many a childhood summer at her family’s caravan on Anglesey. This made Bangor an obvious choice of university for her.

Hannah graduated in 2013 with a first class Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Creative Writing. Doing a joint degree allowed her to not only explore a greater range of subjects and try her hand in a variety of fields, but it also allowed her develop a diverse range of skills that would transfer well into a working environment. From Bangor’s School of Linguistics she learned traditional academic, research and analytical skills, and the School of Media afforded her a wealth of creative development, as well as an understanding of how research and analysis can combine with creative thought and ideas.

Shortly after graduating, she relocated to Liverpool and landed her first job as a copywriter.

“The fact that my degree that evidenced both an in depth understanding of the English language and a creative writing ability really resonated with employers when I was first starting my career, and I found that these skills helped me to progress quite quickly professionally.”

From there, Hannah’s career progressed as she continued to utilise both the creative and analytical skills that her time at university helped her to develop and refine. She is now the Marketing Manager of EdgeThreeSixty, a full service digital agency based in Liverpool. She is responsible for all of the company’s marketing efforts, as well as management and strategy for all client accounts.