James McAllister

English Literature and Journalism, 2011

James McAllister studied English Literature and Journalism at Bangor University, graduating in 2011. Since leaving Bangor, James has pursued a career in digital marketing - currently working as a Senior SEO Executive at Make it Cheaper.

James says, “My fondest memory of Bangor was interviewing a local farmer on Anglesey for a year 1 journalism project. This was the first time that I had ventured outside of my comfort zone to understand and extensively write about a subject I had zero knowledge of – farming. This was the first time I felt like a real journalist.

“Whilst studying at Bangor I quickly learnt that journalism was rapidly changing, and in the years that I left university, we would begin to see less focus on print journalism. This change in landscape led me down the path of online journalism and digital PR. After securing an internship writing for an alternative culture website in Liverpool, I then accepted a job at Make It Cheaper as a Content Creator.

“A natural precursor of writing for the web is understanding how to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible, which is where I came across Search Engine Optimisation. I found SEO played perfectly into my interest of the technical aspects of web content writing and found it easy to lend my hand to! I have now been working at Make It Cheaper for three years, and head up the website’s technical strategy.

“My time at Bangor University was instrumental in understanding the mainstream agenda, and identifying topics that readers would want to engage with. This is fundamental knowledge that I use every day in my job role. It also opened my eyes to the world of online journalism and how it was a newly emerging strand of journalism with many exciting opportunities.”