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Jason Owen (Physical Education and Outdoor Education, 1997)

“I was a Bangor University student 1993 to 1997 based at Coleg Normal. I graduated with a 2:1 (hons) in PE and Outdoor education and went on to become a primary school teacher, evolving into a Deputy Head of a primary school and then a secondary school pupil referral unit before taking up a job 12 years ago as local authority advisor focusing on behaviour. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bangor, within the University, within Coleg normal, enjoyed the city and the surrounding environment such as the Menai Strait. I played for the Coleg Normal and University football teams. We won the local league in 1996 and 1997 if I remember rightly. Good times!
In recent years I have had the privilege of playing wheelchair rugby league for Wales. It’s a great sport, full of smashes and crashes, and though most of the other players are in their late teens, 20's or 30's I'm giving it 100%! I made the national team and hope to play in the Rugby League World Cup 2021, although I'll be well over 50 years of age by then. The world cup in 2021 will be held in the UK and for the first time, the men’s running tournament, the women’s running tournament and the wheelchair tournament will all be happening at the same time and all covered by the BBC.

I’m very proud to wear the red shirt of Wales, sing the national anthem and represent my country and though I never made it at football (I was at United as a teenagerā€¦ Hereford United by the way, not Man Utd!), I am pleased to be able to play for Wales in wheelchair rugby league!