John Graham

Mathematics, 1954

“Bangor has been a large part of my life because it started so many tracks that affected me.

I studied Mathematics between 1951 and 1954 under Professor Littlewood and took first class honours. During my student days, I ran in the Bangor cross-country team so the rivers that we crossed and the ploughed fields that we plodded through must have had an effect on my later running 80 marathons and longer races. I also attended all of the Saturday morning sing-songs and music has continued to be a large part of my life, especially Welsh music. All my children have at least learned ‘Calon Lân’!

My degree at Bangor laid a basic scientific standard that has served me well throughout my professional life. I became President of the American Nuclear Society and earned a number of fellowships. From Bangor, I won a Fulbright Fellowship that took me to the United States and I started a life of travel. I worked for the Atomic Energy Authority from 1958-1969, Westinghouse from 1959-1989, the Atomic Energy of Canada from 1989-1992 (too cold there!) and then for British Nuclear Fuels (in the US) as a Vice President from 1992-1998 and for myself since.

I have travelled in over 70 countries and lived in five of them. This has led me to writing innumerable travel articles and books that still are most of my working life.  You can find them (and me) on

Now at 83, I’m still working, still traveling (China, Austria and the USA twice last year), still entranced by my families, I owe a great deal to being a student at Bangor when it was called UCNW.”