Award winning film director Danny Boyle talks about his ‘wonderful time’ at Bangor University

Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle, who graduated with a degree in English and Drama from Bangor in 1978, discussed the fact that he remembers his time at Bangor with great fondness, during an interview with BBC Radio Wales programme Good Evening Wales recently.

About his time at Bangor, he said: “I had a great time there. I had a fantastic time studying Drama and English. When you look back, the stuff you’re learning, the stuff you’re picking up, it’s like little children learning language. The early years of learning something, you never learn as much again as quickly as you do then. The experiences; I did my first directing there, I was doing a lot of acting as well, and growing up you know. I had a wonderful time, so I remember it with great fondness.”

Danny Boyle has since gone on to direct cult films such as Trainspotting, Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire and the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. His latest film, Steve Jobs, is out soon. This will be the first film shown at the new cinema in Pontio, the University’s Arts and Innovation Centre. Screenings from December 1st 2015. Tickets available here

The full interview can be found here, 1hr 21mins

Publication date: 3 November 2015