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Bangor University hosts an international Audience

An international Conference brought top researchers in computer graphics to Wales for the first time recently as the Eurographics conference took place in Llandudno in April.

Organised by staff from the School of Computer Science at Bangor University, the delegates visited the University’s Pritchard Jones Hall for a Gala Dinner on the final evening.

350 delegates from 32 countries attended the 32nd annual Eurographics conference.

Dr Jonathan Roberts, chair of EG2011 and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science said "It is a great opportunity for Computer Science researchers and developers to learn about the new trends and research ideas in computer graphics".

Three keynote speakers enlightened the audience, with Kurt Akeley, one of the founders of Silicon Graphics and formerly of Microsoft Research, presenting insights into past graphics architectures and current stereoscopic displays; Frits Post, Delft University of Technology challenged  the Conference to think about how  to visualize extremely large data sets, while Guillaume Thierry from Bangor University’s School of Psychology entertained delegates with ambiguous art that confused  the eyes and enlightened the mind!

Jonathan Roberts says "There were several highlights, it was great to meet with the other graphics researchers and discuss the research they are doing and to present my research, and it was great to listen to their technical presentations; another highlight was the Welsh themed gala dinner at Bangor University, the male voice choir entertained us and got us all involved, and all the guests had a great time".

Publication date: 18 May 2011