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Bangor University one of Siân’s Special Places

Singer, harpist and composer, Siân JamesSiân James, has the opportunity to choose three places of special significance to her in S4C’s series 3 Lle  in the programme on Wednesday, 1 December.
The first place she chooses is her home – Gardden in Llanerfyl. “It’s a special place which has been in the family for generations – since 1756. It was originally a small cottage. There’s an ancient fort above the house, and I suspect that stones from the fort were used to build the cottage. I was brought up in the village, in Bryn Tanat, and my grandparents lived here. I used to walk up here to have a chat with Nain. We’ve discovered some very interesting things in the house, including a pair of old child’s shoes which traditionally brought good luck to the house, and my great grandmother’s wedding ring which had been lost for many years! I can now pass on family stories to my own children.
“This area has always been an anchor for me. This is my heaven. It’s here that I get the peace which we all need. I’m a very lucky woman.”
Siân’s second choice is the village of Llanon in Ceredigion. Her mother was brought up in the village until her teenage years. “My ancestors were sea captains. Grandfather was the first to break the tradition. He went to work in the bank. My mother had a very hard upbringing and she was eager to give me the opportunities she never had. We were the best of friends, I have a treasure chest of memories of her.”
The third place which has placed an important role in Siân’s life is Bangor University. “Coming to Bangor was a big step for a young country girl from Llanerfyl. I didn’t know what to expect. I was truly breaking new ground.
“Here, I had the opportunity to express myself in a very different way. It was an exciting time. I came back to the University in 2007 when I was made a Fellow of the University and it was a very emotional experience. It was here that I developed as a musician and as a person. I’m very grateful to this place!”

Wednesday 1 December 20:25, S4C
Also, Friday 3 December 14:00, S4C

Publication date: 23 November 2010