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Chair of influential BMA Committee from Bangor

Professor Michael Rees, Professor of Cardiovascular Studies at Bangor University’s School of Medical Sciences, has been elected to a key post within the British Medical Association (BMA). He has been re-elected to a further term as Chairman of the British Medical Association Medical Academic Staff Committee for 2011 -12.

Because of the increasing work load of this important post, he is to Co-chair this post with Prof Peter Dangerfield from Liverpool University.

“I’m delighted that Professor Rees has been re-elected to this post,” commented Vice Chancellor, Professor John G. Hughes. “It confirms the confidence the BMA have in Professor Rees’ abilities and contribution. It also illustrates how universities such as Bangor have as much to contribute as some of the larger main-stream university medical schools.”

“I’m delighted to be able to serve as chair of the BMA academic committee. As well as contributing to UK and European issues, the appointment also enables me to be an ambassador for Bangor University and its support for clinical academia which will continue to flourish in north Wales,” commented Professor Rees. 

Professor Rees will continue to represent the interests of medical academics at universities and teaching hospitals across the UK in their dealings with government and employer and union organisations. He is involved in providing advice on matters such as contracts and career structures and ensuring that medical academics maintain parity with medical colleagues within the NHS. The Committee is one of the key Committees within the BMA.

Professor Rees is also a Board member of the National Institute of Social Care and Health Research and represents the medical profession on the UK Health Education Advisory Committee as well as the clinical academic representative on the Health Education National Strategic Exchange  between the Department of Health and  the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills.

Professor Rees’ clinical interest lies in cardiovascular disease and imaging. Within the health service in north Wales he has helped to build up interventional cardiac services for the treatment of ischaemic heart disease and established new MRI and Nuclear medicine facilities for the investigation of cardiovascular disease. He has also mentored the recently successful candidates in the NISCHR personal awards and helped with the successful granting of a biomedical research unit status to Bangor University.

Publication date: 20 June 2011