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Hold the front page!

Nicholas Whitmore, a third year Journalism and Media student, has had an article he has written printed on the front page of the Daily Post, Thursday, November 11.

'This is a tremendous achievement for Nicholas,' said Journalism lecturer Dr Llion Iwan

"He has already been on highly prestigious and hugely sought after work placement with The Times newspaper in London, and is putting to good effect what he has been studying on his journalism degree."

Nicholas said: “The Daily Post work experience has been fantastic and has really helped me in getting clippings which opens doors to further opportunities. I’ve got work experience at The  Telegraph lined up next.

“It’s exciting, there’s something new every day and it’s a really buzz to seemy name in paper, especially to get a front page news story, which is quite an achievement, and I’m really proud to have done that, especially before finishing my degree.

Wendy Jones, assistant head of content on the Daily Post, said: "Nicholas did very well on that story. He spotted TV pictures showing the protest was turning nasty and immediately contacted people he knew who were there. He got us some fantastic quotes and pictures from the scene. He truly deserved his front page byline."

 Read Nicholas' story in the  Daily Post here.

Publication date: 11 November 2010