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International Addiction Experts head to Bangor University for Conference

International experts on addiction will be heading to Bangor University between 7 and 10 May to participate in a European conference on addictive behaviours being hosted by the University’s School of Psychology.

Academics, researchers and clinicians from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom will be attending the European Association of Substance Abuse Research Annual scientific conference.

Professor Miles Cox, Professor of the Psychology of Addictive Behaviours at the School of Psychology, is hosting the event and will be among the leading international experts sharing their research at the Conference.

Prof Miles Cox’s interests lie in the motivations for alcohol use and other addictive behaviours. His recent work includes developing interventions to assist addicts in curbing their responses to certain triggers which motivate them towards their addictive habit.  His collaborators will be presenting their latest findings. Prof James Intriligator will be revealing news of a recent development called ChimpShop.  This is a smartphone game developed at Bangor University in partnership with a ‘Spin-out’ company, to retrain attention away from addiction triggers.  Prof Robert Rogers will present recent findings from his research program on gambling, which shows that some gamblers are unable to learn the value of losing games.

Prof David Linden of Cardiff University (previously at Bangor) returns to give the keynote presentation, which will cover neuroimaging and new treatments for addiction. There will be a breadth of presentations at the Conference covering various aspects of addiction to alcohol, drugs, and gambling.

Dr John Parkinson, Head of Bangor University’s School of Psychology said:

“I look forward to welcoming this prestigious Conference to Bangor University and the School of Psychology. The presence of the EASAR at Bangor is further recognition of the addiction research expertise we have at Bangor and the department's standing within this field. Prof Cox and I are particularly looking forward to hearing about the latest theoretical and applied findings in this hugely important research area as well as catching up with old colleagues and welcoming the international delegates to Bangor."

Publication date: 27 April 2015