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Meet the School of Ocean Sciences, Menai Bridge

R V Prince MadogR V Prince Madog

You are invited to step aboard the Research Vessel, Prince Madog and visit Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences.

Bangor University's renowned School of Ocean Sciences, in Menai Bridge is opening its doors to the public on Thursday 9 June between 2pm and 8pm.  In addition to exhibitions in the Craig Mair building and Kirby Laing building, locally known as the Pier Pavilion, the public can visit aboard the Research Vessel Prince Madog.

The day will raise the profile of the School of Ocean Sciences and outline the importance of marine research and business to the economic future of Wales.  “As a leading international research institution, and one of the largest teaching departments in Europe, the School of Ocean Sciences values this opportunity to share our experiences,” said Professor Chris Richardson, Head of The School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University.

The local community are invited to meet the School of Ocean Sciences team at this free event.  This event is part of National Universities Week (13 to 19 June) a national campaign demonstrating the benefits of universities within UK society.

“We are pushing to develop Wales as a global centre for coastal and marine science and technology through our SEACAMS project at the School of Ocean Sciences, come and join us to see the cutting edge of marine science in action,” says Dr Gay Mitchelson-Jacob, SEACAMS Project Manager.

“Our aim is to inform local residents and encourage a greater understanding of the research and teaching we do here,” says Professor Jago, Head of the College of Natural Sciences, Bangor University.

Publication date: 31 May 2011